Suggest a patient-centered research question to PCORI

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The Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Instititute (PCORI) is asking for questions from every day consumers of health care, the kind of questions or decisions you may be facing. So Network faithful, in the words of the WWE, it's smack down time. (I have visions of Hulk Hogan sayin' "I'm talkin' to you brother!").

So basically, we are calling all of you out. Take 5 minutes - the time it takes to down a Big Mac, drink a medium cherry coke, put your shoes and socks on, power up your computer... you get the idea) and fill our their super easy survey. They want to know what your research questions so that they can refine their research agenda. are that are going to make your job, life easier. Your input can help us refine our research agenda to better reflect the needs of people like those that follow the Children's Mental Health Network.

From their press release...

And be sure to download their Priorities for Research. It's an enlightening read.


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