Stalling mental health cuts as a result of Sandy Hook: A tenuous situation at best

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Thanks to Julio Abreu from Mental Health America for this timely article from the Washington Post. The article points out the fragile nature of "more mental health care." It's quite easy from the podium to call for it and heaven's knows we need it. But paying for it... ah, therein lies the rub. A recent article cited in the CMHNetwork regarding the Connecticut decision to hold off on mental health cuts is widely recognized as a helpful, but temporary decision. Mental health leaders and advocates, while grateful, are already wringing their hands about what might happen next year. Short term solutions are just that folks - short term. What does this mean for Network faithful? Well, excuse the coarse language but it means you need to continue to be a pain in the rear end at the state level and keep calling for a complete halt to mental health cuts, whether your focus is on children or adults. Additionally, you need to speak loud and clear not just for services, but quality services that have been proven to work. So when you read this article, don't get complacent and for goodness sakes, don't think we are out of the woods - not by a long shot.

Here is the article from the Post:


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