Watch and Share New Spanish Cartoon: "Los YouToons Se Preparan Para Obamacare"

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kaiserBefore the Oct. 1 start of open enrollment, the Kaiser Family Foundation presents a Spanish-language video as part of its continuing efforts to increase the public's understanding of upcoming changes under the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Based on the previously released English-language video, "Los YouToons Se Preparan Para Obamacare" explains the basic changes in how Americans can obtain health coverage in 2014.

The August Kaiser Health Tracking Poll finds that roughly half (51%) of Americans, and nearly two-thirds of Hispanics (64%), say they don't have enough information about the ACA to understand how it will impact them and their families. This video serves as a visual how-to guide to help viewers understand what benefits they qualify for and what they can do to prepare for open enrollment, which starts October 1, 2013 and closes March 31, 2014. It also educates Americans about what will – and what will not – change under the ACA.

Watch the Spanish-language video, and use it to start a conversation with family, friends, and colleagues about the Affordable Care Act. Organizations and individuals are welcome to embed the video on their websites for free directly from YouTube (click the Share link above the description of the video, and then click Embed to grab the code). Viewers may also request a free download of the video to incorporate it into in-person events and one-on-one outreach efforts.

Written and produced by the Foundation, "Los YouToons Se Preparan Para Obamacare" is one of several tools available to help Americans gain a better understanding of the health care law. More resources can be found on the Foundation's website, which will soon include a Spanish-language version of the Subsidy Calculator. New and updated Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) will also be released in the coming weeks. Also soon to be released are English and Spanish-language "Obamacare and You" fact sheets, which explain different coverage scenarios, such as what to expect if an individual is uninsured, has a pre-existing condition, buys insurance on their own, or obtains coverage through an employer. Additionally, the Foundation's news service, Kaiser Health News, is working with partner news organizations to cover ACA implementation and explain the law.


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