Shared decision-making part of ACA but has a long way to go

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Quick quiz - do you know what ACA Section 3506 is? No worries, most people don't. It is this beautifully eloquent and quiet requirement of the ACA that calls for shared decision-making. Those of us familiar with common mental health practice in public settings know that the care clients receive does not always align with what they want. A study just published in the New England Journal of Medicine looked at more than 1000 office visits in which more than 3500 medical decisions were made, less than 10% of decisions met the minimum standards for informed decision making. Now, they were not looking at mental health care for youth and their families but one can infer a correlation. How high a correlation? What a great research project for the research oriented Network faithful among us!

Bottom line is this. The Affordable Care act calls for shared decision-making in Section 3506. Here is the language:

Okay Network faithful, especially the family advocates among us, use this information to your advantage and get busy. Don't let the "authorized, but not funded" part deter you and start rattling some cages. Extrapolate the findings from the NEJM article to the work you do with youth and families. There is opportunity to make positive change here.


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