How is sequestration impacting you? Share your personal story!

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Network faithful are well aware of our involvement with the Coalition for Health Funding which is part of NDD United, a coalition of leaders joining forces in an effort to save nondefense discretionary (NDD) programs from more devastating cuts. NDD programs are core functions government provides for the benefit of all, including medical research, public health, and education, among others. Every day these programs support economic growth and strengthen the safety and security of every American in every state and community across the nation.

We need your stories!
Network faithful are encouraged to send stories, stories, and more stories about how sequestration is having an impact at the local and personal level. With September set up as the first do-or-die battle on sequestration, July and August are perfect for gathering and packaging and perfecting those stories!

These stories are needed to help us paint a picture for policymakers, press, and the public of the real world impacts these cuts will have.


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    Cindy Obester
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    I am married to a Veteran of three wars and a Veteran advocate for 30 years. It took me 15 years to settle his first case. It took another 15 years to settle the last one.
    My concern is our troops today. First of all, you are bringing them home-TO WHAT? No jobs, no nothing. With the sequestrations and furlough's how are they supposed to survive and get the help they need? One day's pay cut equals NO child care or other needs. The VA is already so limited that it takes at least three months to even get an answer. With all this, it will take a year at least. Most of my Veteran's will just walk away figuring "What's the point?" Then you will have family issues and abuse, divorce, crime, drugs, and worst of all, SUICIDE!
    What does this government expect of my troops? To do something with nothing? You took away the tools to do the job, so now if this country needs protecting, I guess the politicians will be doing it.

    As far as the teachers go, guess what? I predicted 20 years ago that if we didn't do something about education, it will be a catastrophie. Guess what? We are there. These people are the ones running this country now, running your bank accounts, Social Security, military, and everything else. So you wonder why we are in such a cluster$%*@!!!!!

    I've also been writing the government for years and they used to listen-don't anymore. But all this is our fault. We allowed it to happen by not voicing our opinions. We sit around our tables and gripe about all going on with this country and THAT'S IT!

    It's time we unite (black, white, hispanic, oriental) and take back this country (which is just what the politicians don't want to happen). As it is now, if you work or are military, you are a SLAVE and supporting those who have never hit a lick or defended this country and paying outstanding amounts of money for politicians to make stupid, uninforcable laws and wasting your money. Now that's how it is.
    Get off your butt's and DO SOMETHING! And that's an order from First Skirt. If not, you will continue to be SCREWED.
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    I am impacted badly. The government cut my pay this year by 2% in January. Now they cut my pay by 20%. I have Child Support taking 25%. I will not be able to Pay all my bills due. Mortgage, Home and Auto Insurance, Utilities, Fuel, Just to name a few. no body is talking about the impact it will have on people like me. I could very well loose my Home and everything else. Where's my Bail out, where's my help?
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    Rocky Amato
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    I have lost Faith in Our President, Our Congress. The left and right cannot agree on anything. Heck we had a Democratic President and a Democratic congress and they still could not agree on a budget. This doesn’t mean I have more trust with the Republicans. It means a Republic falls from within and we are well on our way for that to happen.
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