The Sequester Unpacked: New Animated Video!

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NDD United, a national coalition of 3,200 organizations working to stop budget cuts to core government functions is releasing a video that you can use to educate policymakers, the press, and the public about the disproportionate cuts non-defense discretionary programs –  including employment and training, research, public health, education, public safety, housing, social services, infrastructure, and environmental protection – have taken as a result of deficit reduction efforts and how these cuts will impact our daily lives.

We encourage you to share the video with your colleagues, blogs, and through social media (on Twitter use #NoMoreCuts). NDD United has created a toolkit for suggestions on how to share the video.

It’s vital that we continue to educate policymakers and the press on the harmful impact of sequestration and encourage a balanced approach to deficit reduction to stop these cuts once and for all. 


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