Senators Press for Mental Health Parity

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Props to the eighteen Senators who wrote a letter to the White House pressing for more to be done to ensure mental health parity laws are being followed and that people with mental health challenges are getting equal access to treatment. 

In the letter to White House Domestic Policy Council Director Cecilia Muñoz, the Senators laid out specific recommendations for the Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Parity Taskforce to consider when developing its recommendations. The recommendations include random audits and public disclosure of investigations into health plans' parity violations; collection of information on rates and reasons for claims denials; and requirements on health plans to provide information to providers and consumers about treatment limitations for behavioral health services. The task force will be presenting a report to the President no later than October 31st.


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    Rose King
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    Yes, this message is encouraging but too limited in expectations and demands. Why ignore the reality that most people with serious mental illnesses are dependent upon Medicaid Managed Care?
    Initially or eventually people disabled by a serious mental illness have to rely upon public mental health systems. California legislated discrimination years ago--and will change only if a federal mandate is enforced. There are no state standards for access or quality of treatment, scandals are reported day after day, year after year. Are any elected officials working on full parity in public health?
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