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Reports from Capitol Hill indicate that the Senate Labor, Health and Human Services Appropriations Subcommittee will begin consideration of the 2013 HHS budget with a markup on June 12. The bill will move on to consideration by the full Appropriations Committee on June 14.

Many issues are at stake for children's mental health in the 2013 budget. President Obama’s budget requests included cuts to a variety of programs funded under SAMHSA, and the House leadership has indicated it wants to see steep cuts in all areas of the budget. A significant area of concern is the proposed  29 million dollar reduction in funding for the Child Mental Health Initiative (CMHI) in 2013. Traditionally, CMHI has been the vehicle through which SAMHSA provides funds for children's mental health services. Without these funds from the federal government, states and communities will no longer have the means to provide children's mental health services that are informed by the system of care values and principles.

The Senate Appropriations Subcommittee and Committee hearings are the best place for children's mental health advocates to make ourselves heard and voice our concerns about our funding priorities for 2013. Time is of the essence. Lawmakers need to be prepared to go into the markups prepared to offer amendments to protect SAMHSA funding.

As Congress puts together the 2013 budget, the Children's Mental Health Network urges legislators to:

Please check the list below to learn if your Senator is on the Appropriations Committee, then click the Take Action button to write to them today about the importance of fully funding SAMHSA, with particular emphasis on keeping the Child Mental Health Initiative funded at the 2012 level!

Senate Appropriations Committee/HHS Subcommittee Members:

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