SAMHSA to take $168 million hit due to sequestration

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Greetings faithful readers - The official sequester report OMB has sent to Congress is now available. The report details how the cuts to HHS will be distributed. Of particular note to CMHNetwork faithful is $168 million in cuts to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration. We will give a more detailed report next Friday.


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    Frank Rider
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    Steve, you're correct: Medicaid entitlement spending, including EPSDT benefit, is exempt from the sequester. Some Medicaid-RELATED expenditures are impacted (e.g. funds for establishing healthcare exchanges for the states - see Pg 38-39 of the report), but not for covered services. In addition, there are limits to reductions in Medicare, IHS and migrant healthcare programs, so reductions there cannot be as large as in non-defense discretionary spending.
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    I didn't see anything regarding EPSDT benefits in the Sequestration report. Did I miss it, or are EPSDT beyond the reach of Sequestration (because they are an entitlement or otherwise)? I don't think EPSDT benefits (including Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services, used to treat children with mental illness symptoms) have ever been cut in the last 40 years. Am I mistaken?
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