SAMHSA announces Safe Schools/Healthy Students grant awards

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From the SAMHSA press release...

Today, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) announced it awarded up to $56.9 million in grants over four years to states across the nation for the Safe Schools/Healthy Students program.  This round of grants will run from FY 2013 through FY 2016 and will support state and community partnerships to create safe and supportive schools and communities by building partnerships among educational, behavioral health, and criminal/juvenile justice systems.  

The Safe Schools/Healthy Students State Program develops and implements evidence-based programs, effective policies, and innovative strategies that address youth violence and promote the wellness of children, youth, and families.  These grants will support work to increase the number of children and youth who have access to behavioral health services; decrease the number of students who abuse substances; increase supports for early childhood development; improve school climates; and reduce the number of students who are exposed to violence.

“With this investment, SAMHSA is continuing its commitment to safe and secure schools where children can focus on learning and develop their full potential,” said Pamela Hyde, SAMHSA Administrator. “Safe, nurturing school environments can help children achieve academic success, healthy emotional development, and fulfilled lives as adults.”

Earlier this year, President Obama proposed a new $130 million initiative in FY 2014 to make it easier for young people, adults, and families dealing with mental health problems to seek help and support. This initiative includes $40 million to enable more states to build on the Safe Schools/Healthy Students program by helping teachers recognize early signs of mental illness in students and improving referrals and access to mental health services.

In terms of the FY 2013 Safe Schools/Healthy Students State Program, SAMHSA plans to award seven grants of up to $2,035,014 each annually over the course of four years.  Actual awards amounts are subject to the availability of funds.

The following are the grantees and their annual amounts:


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    I don't have a specific contact name but here is the address:
    Address:126 LANGDON STREET
    MADISON,WI 53702
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    Can you give me the contact info for Wisconsin's program?
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