SAMHSA opens tribal office

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The Substance Abuse & Mental Health Services Administration has created an Office of Tribal Affairs and Policy to be the main point of contact with American-Indian governments and communities. Here is the announcement from SAMHSA Adminstrator, Pamela Hyde, J.D. 


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    Scott Bryant-Comstock
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    Thanks for the catch Andy! We have corrected the title.
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    Andrew Hunt
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    To clarify the semenatics - SAMHSA did not create a new tribal "agency." This is a new "Office" within SAMHSA that will be the main point of contact for tribal and American Indian/Alaska Native policy within SAMHSA. Some of the other "Offices" under SAMHSA include the Office of Behavioral Health Equity, Office of Communications. For more information about SAMHSA's overall organziational structure, go to:
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