The Ryan budget: Who wins, who loses... Who's got a better idea?

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The House of Representatives just passed a budget plan for FY 2015 drafted by Paul Ryan, Chair of the House Budget Committee. It is called "The Path to Prosperity," but only a select few get to go down that road. The Ryan budget demands sacrifice from nearly everyone in order to  to give new multi-billion dollar tax breaks to millionaires and big corporations. It's not the law of the land now.  But "The Path to Prosperity" could be our future if its rhetoric about expanding opportunity and strengthening the safety net is not countered with the truth about what the budget actually does. Join us to uncover the truth about the budget, including concrete estimates of the impacts on health care, nutrition, housing,education, and more.  

The Ryan Budget: Who Wins, Who Loses... Who's Got a Better Idea?
The Truth About the "Path to Prosperity"

The Webinar: Thursday, April 17, 3:00 p.m. Eastern Time

The webinar will show what the Ryan-House budget would mean in our communities. It will also show you why it is important to tell the truth about the "path" that this budget would take us on - and the better road we should be traveling.



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For background about the Ryan-House budget, click here


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