RTI Policy Forum on Mental Illness and Violence (in DC and Livestreamed)

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RTI International cordially invites you to attend

Highly publicized cases of violence perpetrated by those with mental illness have focused policy makers' attention on public safety, and many regard those with mental illnesses as unpredictably dangerous. However, research shows that those with mental illnesses are more likely to be victims than perpetrators of violence.

At this policy forum, a panel of stakeholder experts will draw from their research, policy and clinical expertise to shed light on the link between mental illness and violence. The forum will provide an opportunity to discuss the causes of violent behavior to help demystify the role of mental illness in violent events and clarify its scope. The panel will also recommend steps for moving from identifying those at risk of violence to effectively managing and reducing violence risk through evidence-based assessments, interventions and services, and policies.






Register by May 24 to attend in person or via live stream. The event is free and open to the public. Learn more about the event.

For information, contact Beth Brill, 919.541.6920ebrill@rti.org.


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    Laura Petracek
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    I'd like to receive a copy of your program.
    In light of the recent massacre, my Supervisor wants me to write a Threat Assesment manual for our school.
    Thank you!
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