Researchers want to know how families prioritize benefits & risks of psychotropic meds for their children

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A team of researchers at the University of Maryland have been conducting research for over 15 years with caregivers of children who have  a mental health condition. Through this work they have come to understand the needs and concerns of caregivers when faced with the decision to use a psychotropic medication for their child. A better understanding of how caregivers prioritize the benefits and risks of psychotropic medication and what outcomes they most desire for their children has been the factors motivating this research. The current study, called the PIONEER Study (Caregiver PrIoritzing Outcomes, Needs, ExpEctations and Recovery), is being conducted in collaboration with family caregivers, who have helped to inform the research questions and to identify the key concerns in managing the care of a child with mental health needs. This research gives families a voice in expressing what matters most to them when it comes to weighing the benefits and risks of the different demands in the care management of their child and when it comes to prioritizing the outcomes that are most important to them and their child.

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    I'm hoping that,I can learn about more about mental health issues for teens.
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