Republicans express displeasure with essential benefits “bulletin”

January 16, 2012

A bulletin? A rule? What does it mean? Rebulican leaders sent a strongly worded letter to Secretary Sebelius on January 13 expressing concern over the process in place with the issuance of the essential health benefits bulletin that came out a few weeks ago. In the letter, Republican leaders state:

  • By issuing a “bulletin” rather than a proposed rule, the Administration has sidestepped the requirement to publish a cost benefit analysis estimating the impact these mandates will have on health insurance premiums and the increased costs to the federal government…”

Download the letter here

Note: Regardless of how the debate over the essential benefits bulletin plays out, remember that mental health issues for children, youth and families know no political boundaries, and yes, cost of service will be an issue. A systems of care approach has shown overwhelming long-term cost benefit to families and communities. This needs to be our drumbeat folks.


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