Regenia Hicks is moving her inspirational leadership to Houston

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regeniaNetwork faithful Regenia Hicks, formerly with the American Institutes for Research Technical Assistance Partnership is taking her creative talents and long history of leadership in the system of care movement to Houston, Texas. In Houston, Regenia will be heading up a new mental health jail diversion program. Excellent choice Houston! We will miss seeing Regenia heading up national meetings and forums on children's mental health, as she has done so well for the past 11 years. Before that, Regenia was an integral component to developing systems of care nationwide going back to the early days of the movement. It is only fitting that she is taking her talents back to the state of Texas where she first made her mark in this field. Something tells us her groundbreaking leadership will soon catapult her efforts in Houston back on to the national stage for replication and inspiration.

Good luck with your new venture Regenia! We can't think of a better bon-voyage and wishes for good luck than Archie Bell and the Drells singing "Tighten Up." Goin' old school on this one folks!



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    Joy Cunningham
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    Very nice Scott and such a fitting song!
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    Sylvia Fisher
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    Thanks so much for your many years of dedication and caring for the needs of children, youth and families. Your strategic and hands-on efforts have enhanced conditions to promote positive well-being for those with the greatest need for services and supports. And you have accomplished all of this with grace, wit, dignity, sensitivity and an amazing sense of humor! I wish you many blessing and much continued success in your new pursuits.
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