Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools

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Preventing Suicide: A Toolkit for High Schools was funded by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) to help high schools, school districts, and their partners design and implement strategies to prevent suicide and promote behavioral health among their students. The information and tools in this toolkit will help schools and their partners:

  • Assess their ability to prevent suicide among students and respond to suicides that may occur
  • Understand strategies that can help students who are at risk for suicide
  • Understand how to respond to the suicide of a student or other member of the school community
  • Identify suicide prevention programs and activities that are effective for individual schools and respond to the needs and cultures of each school’s students
  • Integrate suicide prevention into activities that fulfill other aspects of the school’s mission, such as preventing the abuse of alcohol and other drugs
  • Download the toolkit here


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    Hello, my name is Rebecca, and as a project for school I am trying to raise awareness of suicide prevention. If you have any ideas about how to make this topic a more "fun" thing to talk about, please let me know. Thank you!
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    TO: Rachael Cartmell.

    Rachael, follow the link above for the toolkit or go here:

    It's free. Good luck.
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    With over 4,000 youth suicides annually in the USA, it should be obvious that a youth suicide prevention program should be implemented in every school in the country. Unfortunately, that is not the reality.

    In Massachusetts, my home state, I advocated for the inclusion of a suicide prevention program in the anti-bullying legislation (passed in 2010). That plea, despite the nationally exposed Phoebe Prince suicide in South Hadley associated with bullying (which failed objective scrutiny) fell on deaf ears. My contention was/is that bullying does not necessarily result in youth suicide, rather that it can be a contributing factor and that youth suicide is the more critical, over-arching issue.

    Not only are suicide prevention programs less expensive or even free (as exemplified by the SAMSHA toolkit referred to in this article), they are effective wherein anti-bullying programs are costly and mostly ineffective.

    Accordingly, I highly recommend that those of you connected to both public and private schools in any manner, that you strongly urge that school to investigate various suicide prevention programs toward the goal of implementation. It is time for this issue to be attended to in a constructive fashion.

    Thank you.
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    Hello My name is Rachael Cartmell I was wantng to know if you could send me a Suicide prevention toolkit in the mail ?
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