Parenting with the brain in mind: Why brain science matters to parents

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Hey Network faithful, check out this upcoming webinar from our friends at ZeroPoint Leadership. Time to "get your brain on."

Parenting with the Brain in Mind: Why Brain Science Matters to Parents
While the parent-child relationship can be an intensely rewarding experience, it can also generate high levels of stress that can lead to patterns of interactions that do not promote healthy child development. As a result, parents feel frustrated and powerless. This can compromise the parenting experience and cause ruptures in the parent-child relationship. Fortunately, innovative research in neuroscience help parents improve their understanding of healthy caregiving so that they can create a more open, healthy, and loving relationship with their children that facilitates social and emotional development. Parents who understand how their child’s brain works are better able to keep cool during challenging interactions and stay engaged with their child to help them develop higher levels of resilience. This webinar offers insights for how parents can use research in brain science to stay connected and engaged during conflict, communicate more effectively with their child, and improve the quality of day-to-day parent-child interactions.


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