One Mind Campaign Designed to Improve Police Response to Persons Affected by Mental Illness.

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From our colleagues at the International Association of Chiefs of Police

Pledge your support for the One Mind Campaign, designed to improve police response to persons affected by mental illness.

The IACP has been working to address police response to persons affected by mental illness for the past several years. In 2010, IACP issued a report that focused on a broad range of goals for legislators, mental health experts, and law enforcement officers addressing legislation and policy, first responders, youth, cross-system collaboration, and offender re-entry into the community. To follow up, in 2014 IACP issued a revised Model Policy on Responding to Persons Affected by Mental Illness or in Crisis. This Model Policy highlights the unique challenges that law enforcement agencies face in responding to persons affected by mental illness and provides guidance, techniques, and resources so that the situation can be resolved in a constructive manner. More recently in 2015, the IACP issued Improving Officer Response to Persons with Mental Illness and Other Disabilities, an expansion of the 2010 report that provides a broad overview of how law enforcement leaders can improve officer response to persons affected by mental illness. Now we are excited to announce the launch of the One Mind Campaign.

The One Mind Campaign seeks to ensure successful interactions between police officers and persons affected by mental illness. To join the campaign, law enforcement agencies must commit to implementing the four promising practices over a 12-36 month timeframe. Agencies and organizations demonstrating a serious commitment to implementing all four required strategies will become publicly recognized members of the One Mind Campaign.

The strategies are:

The campaign provides a unique opportunity for law enforcement to make the transition from reacting and responding to these situations toward becoming a proactive leader, with improved response to situations involving this diverse population. Upon launching the campaign at IACP’s Annual Conference in October 2016, the IACP was joined by partners from the National Council for Behavioral Health, CIT International, SAMHSA, the Attorney General’s office and the Department of Justice’s Bureau of Justice Affairs. These representatives stood alongside IACP to announce the launch and expand awareness. The goal of the One Mind Campaign is to create sustainable relationships between police and the mental health community.

For more information visit the One Mind Campaign’s website or contact

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