October is Bullying Prevention Awareness Month

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Tuesday, October 1 marks the beginning of a month-long celebration of bullying prevention awareness and best practices. Please join us, and hundreds of other organizations across the country, in honoring those who are leading local efforts in their communities and promoting new resources to stop bullying before it starts. 

Below are a few ideas on how you can get involved:


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    Garry Earles, LICSW
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    Isn't it about time (I think long overdue actually) to get off this "anti-bullying" bandwagon?? After all,claims about efficacy re: anti-bullying programs are suspicious. The approach is wrong, the results are hideous and those making lots of noise about this issue tend to be uninformed. While the focus is predominantly on student to student bullying, interestingly, little is being done in schools about: staff to student bullying or staff to staff (i.e. workplace) bullying. Talk all you want about social and character development programs (i.e. SACD), they don't work well either. I refer you to the work of Alfi Kohn ("Punished by Rewards") and the IES report of 2010). Bullying is a mental health issue, lost in all this hubbub.

    Curiously,suicide (which after all put this issue on the national agenda)prevention programs are mostly non-existent in schools.
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