The horrors of Obamacare... or a story not fully disclosed

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The LA Times has an article out that serves as an important reminder of the need to investigate claims about the Affordable Care Act, pro or con. Deborah Cavallaro, a real estate agent in the Westchester suburb of Los Angeles, has been interviewed on a number of news shows talking about how much more expensive Obamacare will be once her existing plan gets canceled. Well, maybe not. Turns out that when the LA TImes reporter did a full investigation Obamacare would be significantly better. Okay Network Columbo's - get your research hat on for this one.


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    Right. Many people are finding their present insurance agent because they are raising rates out of fear healthcare will be more expensive. It's not the law doing that. Once this country gets educated they will see the greed with the current setup. Open market choice will allow people to more healthcare for less. People being told they havr to pay more should call their bluff and walk...especially since wr can't be turned down for having previous conditions.
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