Now Available: Online Guide to Nonpartisan Election Activity for 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organizations

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As the 2016 election season enters high gear, Nonprofit VOTE has released a comprehensive online guide for 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations on nonpartisan ways to promote voting and engage candidates in the 2016 election
. Called Nonprofits, Voting and Elections, the online guide reviews the prohibition on partisan political activity. It provides topic by topic advice on how nonprofits and their staff can promote voter registration, conduct voter education, talk to candidates, work on ballot measures and encourage the people they serve to participate and vote.

“Being nonpartisan doesn’t mean staying on the sidelines in an important national election,” said Brian Miller, Nonprofit VOTE’s Executive Director. “Nonprofits can take advantage of opportunities to engage their communities and talk to candidates with the knowledge of how to do so on a nonpartisan basis.” 

Nonprofits, Voting and Elections distills advice from Nonprofit VOTE’s legal partners and extensive library of nonpartisan voter engagement resources. It cites factors nonprofits need to consider when carrying out nonpartisan election activities.  Each section links to practical ideas and common examples of nonpartisan nonprofit activities such as voter registration, candidate forums, voter education or what staff may do in their personal time vs. representing their nonprofit.  

“Nonprofits want to – and legally can – help people in their communities exercise their right to vote, but historically some nonprofits have lacked guidance on what it means to be nonpartisan at election time,” remarked Tim Delaney, CEO of the National Council of Nonprofits. “Nonprofit VOTE’s comprehensive and timely guide is a terrific resource that illuminates clear pathways for nonprofits to promote civic engagement so every American participates in democracy.” 


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