New webinar – Why neuroscience matters to system of care leaders

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Zero Point Leadership is out with another great webinar to help system of care leaders maximize their potential.

Are you tired of working with people who seem disengaged and resistant to changing old ways of thinking and behaving?

If you answered "YES", then this FREE presentation may be right for you!

The biggest reason change efforts fail is because of low levels of engagement. The good news is that there is a science to engagement. Leaders who understand and use this science are able to significantly improve performance and lead transformational change that results in better outcomes for children, adolescents, and families.

If you are a leader of a child and family-serving organization and...

Then you don’t want to miss this!

In this webinar, Laurie Ellington, a NeuroLeadership Coach and former system of care leader, will share three steps based on cutting-edge discoveries in contemporary neuroscience that system of care leaders can use to deepen employee engagement and help people move beyond their resistance to change.


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