New Healthcare Bill, Same Medicaid Caps/Cuts

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~ Sharing an action alert from our colleagues at the Judge David L. Bazelon Center for Mental Health Law ~

As many of you know, Senate Republicans yesterday released a new version of the Better Care Reconciliation Act (BCRA), the bill to "repeal and replace" the Affordable Care Act. The Medicaid caps and cuts in the new version and the repeal of the Medicaid expansion remain the same. There are now additional harmful provisions that will eliminate access to mental health benefits for millions of Americans who rely on private health insurance. You can read more in our statement on the revised bill here. 
Unfortunately, we have learned from staffers on Capitol Hill that following caucus meetings yesterday, many of the Senators in opposition moved closer to supporting the bill. This is despite the strong no's we had been hearing from these same members for weeks - almost all of the Senators who had strongly stated opposition to the current bill  are now softening their opposition. These Senators need to hear from their constituents now. We expect a CBO score on Monday, a vote on a procedural motion on Tuesday, and a vote by the end of next week.
Many Senators will be in their home states over the weekend and they MUST hear from their constituents that this bill does nothing to address their concerns. The most likely targets are:
But all Senate Republicans should hear from their constituents. Over the weekend, we need people to call and e-mail.  Senators' mailboxes need to be filled up. Friday and Monday, we need people to show up at Senators' local offices.  People should tell their stories and explain how the loss of Medicaid would hurt them.  We need to ask all of these Senators to save the lives of people with disabilities and vote no on this bill.  
We have fought this bill for the past five months. We have gotten this far and will not give up now. This is the moment to redouble your fantastic efforts. We delayed this bill and now we must stop it for good. Join us! 


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