New book helps children cope with worry and anxiety

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justbreatheFor any child who feels anxious or worried when facing everyday life circumstances, this charming picture book, “Just Breathe”, helps children cope with the challenges by reminding them to take a moment to breathe and find one’s own inner calm. Annette Rivlin-­Gutman’s second book provides a positive and uplifting message, giving readers the sense that though they may have challenging moments, they can find their strength and serenity within.

“It’s the first day of school and I’m anxious to go. Will I like my new teacher? Make new friends or a foe? My mom says “Just breathe” so I deeply inhale. I slowly breathe out, let my body set sail.”

Told through the eyes of a child, the book’s beautiful illustrations and verse convey its essence in a realistic yet compassionate manner. Rivlin­-Gutman hopes her writing will also serve as a resource for adults working with children.

Says Dan Peters, Ph.D. licensed psychologist, co-­founder, and executive director of Summit Center and author of “From Worrier to Warrior: A Guide to Conquering Your Fears”:

About the Author:
annetteAnnette Rivlin­-Gutman is a passionate, award-­winning writer and certified yoga instructor. A mother of two children, Annette drew upon her professional and personal experiences to write both of her children’s books, “Mommy Has to Stay in Bed” and “Just Breathe”. She is also a former teacher and seasoned video producer with a strong background in educational and children’s programming, including work with PBS, Mr. Rogers, and "Sesame Street".


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    thanks for the article. also for sharing
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    Breathing helps me relax my mind, especially when stressed.
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