Network wonders if Haiku will get Colbert to Hill Day

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In a recent Friday Update we told you about the National Council's quest to have Stephen Colbert represent South Carolina as a delegate for their  8th Annual Public Policy Institute and Hill Day, June 25-26 in Washington, DC. We think it is a worthy event so we promoted their video invitation with zest.

Hopefully, Colbert has recognized the wisdom of attending but just in case he may still be on the fence, we gathered the brain trust at the Network and came up with a flanking strategy for the Council to consider. Now, we know Colbert is a smart guy (he wears glasses after all) so we thought a Haiku contest would be an additional way for the Council to get their membership revved up for convincing South Carolina's pride and joy to represent the State as a delegate.

Okay Council, this wonderful 5:00 am idea is our gift to you - Who can come up with the best Haiku to send to Stephen Colbert to help him mark the "yes" box on the invitation? Here is our entry for the campaign that does not yet exist...

Good luck. Our work here is done...

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