Navigators getting squeezed?

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Advocates take note: Insurance agents and brokers are none too happy about the Navigator program. Pay attention to what is happening in your state regarding the regulation, or potential over-regulation, of Navigators. Agents are concerned that Navigators will compete with them for business and possibly sway individuals one way or another. It is clear that Navigators can't say that one plan is better than the other, but what they can say is, "Here are some things you should think about to help you make your decision."

One of the key goals of health reform is to reach diverse populations. Community organizations who incorporate the Navigator function can do that better than just about anyone else as they are often most familiar with populations needing to be enrolled in health care coverage. Over-regulation will make it harder for them to participate in the Navigator program and consequently diminish opportunities to access individuals in greatest need. Read this great article from the Center for Public Integrity on this important issue.


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