Navigating through the trials and tribulations of having bipolar while employed

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Another great webinar from our friends at the International Bipolar Foundation. Put June 25th on your calendar and register! Here are the details.

Christine will speak on the following topics:

christineChristine is employed full time as a Senior Human Resource representative and has worked at the same company for 14 years. She was an accountant for most of her career, but decided she needed a change of pace.  Switching to Human Resources allows her to work with people, which is what she loves most about her job. She is fortunate to have an employer who is fully aware of her bipolar diagnosis ( diagnosed in 2010 with bipolar 2) and works with her during the challenging times of recovery.  

In her spare time she works to bring awareness to bipolar and mental illness by working on her soon to be non-profit Pepper Vintage. Christine is no longer embarrassed about her mental illness and embraces it. She is an open book and hopes to show the world you can thrive and live life with Bipolar.


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