National Wraparound Initiative Seeking Volunteers to Take Video-Booster Training

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~ From our friends at the National Wraparound Initiative ~

nwiTo the Wraparound community,

The NWI needs your help!

There is an expressed need in the field for guidance on how to recognize skillful practice by Wraparound facilitators. We have been developing a series of online, video-based booster trainings on a variety of Wraparound topics. With this new video booster training process, we hope to provide guidance to the field by demonstrating best practices with footage of actual Wraparound sessions.

In order to learn about how effective these booster trainings may be, we are conducting a study and asking for your help. Specifically, we are asking if you would be interested in taking the training and providing feedback about it. Participation is completely voluntary and you can choose to stop participating at any time. However, incentives are available in the form of e-gift cards to major retailers as a thank-you for your time.

(NOTE: We estimate the training will take about 75 minutes and your responses are needed within 2 weeks of starting the training.) Eligible participants should have some experience in Wraparound facilitation and be over 18 years of age.

Please email Emily Taylor at if you would like more information about participating in this research.


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