National Wraparound Initiative - Check it out

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Okay, wraparound aficionados - here is your chance to learn more about the National Wraparound Initiative (NWI) and get involved. Be sure to check out their orientation webinar on Tuesday, May 22nd from 11 am - noon PST (2-3 pm EST). NWI members and non-members are welcome to join:

The National Wraparound Initiative is constantly adding new resources to its web pages and undertaking new work, this webinar will include:

Okay, the webinar has come and gone... but you can still view it here.


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    Scott Bryant-Comstock
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    Click on the link above the comment section to view an archive of the webinar.
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    Denise One Star
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    Hi. I'm sorry I missed the wraparound webinar on the May 22nd. I heard about it too late. When will it be available in the archives?Please keep me informed of future WA webinars. Thank you.
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