National Data Collection project needs to hear from families

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Over the past 25 years, the number of family-run organizations has steadily increased across the country. Throughout this time, very little data has been collected nationally about the types of services, numbers of families and the impact and outcomes achieved by family-run organizations.

The Family Run Executive Director Leadership Association (FREDLA) established the National Data Collection project to establish standardized data collection elements and to build a body of evidence for the services and supports family-run organizations provide. A group of researchers, policy makers and family leaders have provided expertise and guidance to the project.

Family organizations are asking to complete this brief survey about their organization and the services provided. Participation in this survey will help to strengthen the voices of family-run organizations and build a case for support. 



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    Why isn't anyone else out there shouting about one of the best solutions to changing the way the public views mental illness and mental wellness...The perfect vehicle to do this for all is IN THE SCHOOLS!!!!!! starting in kindergarten.. You want to spread a message? to children, to teachers, to parents, to the community, to politicians. Listen up politicians.. pass the laws that require this to be as an important part of education as math and reading are.. Teach it in every curriculum, every grade! in every school across the country!
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