MHA webinar on state medicaid managed care contracting

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Props to Mental Health America for a timely webinar on state medicaid managed care contracting. The webinar is May 7th so be sure to register quickly. If you can't make it you can always visit their website at a later date to view a playback.

Webinar description
Many states are considering moving their Medicaid programs from fee-for-service to managed care financing models. The restructuring of Medicaid programs may be detrimental to consumers of mental health and substance use services, but if done correctly, could offer a promise of improving access and quality. Join us for this webinar to review the shifting landscape of Medicaid and determine how advocates can help their states develop managed care contracts and behavioral health systems that are responsive to consumers and promote recovery.

Presenter: Robert Greenwald, JD, Clinical Professor of Law at Harvard Law School and Director of the Center for Health Law and Policy Innovation.


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