Girl Scout Mental Health Awareness Patch

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We love it when we learn something new (which is just about every day!). It turns out that the Girl Scouts have a Mental Health Awareness Patch and the credit for the development goes to the good folks at the International Bipolar Foundation, located in San Diego, California. Check out the requirements for earning the patch below. If you have a Girl Scout, encourage her to get this particular Merit Badge! Hey Boy Scouts, where is your similar patch?

Mental Health Awareness Patch

To learn more and get your patch send an email to


  1. Patti Derr's avatar
    Patti Derr
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    What is the Girl Scouts position on the use of mental health, stigma, and the use of terms and equipment for haunted houses ? Such ss lobotomy, psycho, asylum, straight jacket. Etc
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    Lynn Brown
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    I am a Unit guider in Edmonton, AB Canada. I'm so happy I found the information for this challenge. I will be taking this information, and making it part of our programming this year. How much are the badges once we have finished this?
  3. Heidi Underhill's avatar
    Heidi Underhill
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    We are doing this tonight. How do I order patches?
  4. Saundra Burleson's avatar
    Saundra Burleson
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    I am a graduate student working toward my MA in Counseling and will be helping my friend/Girl Scout Troop Leader to help her troop members earn this badge. I'm very excited to be a part of this and think it's a great way to share with the girls about being compassionate and educated about mental illness.
  5. Kathy wallace's avatar
    Kathy wallace
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    This is a wonderful project that I would love to help the scouts in our area get involved with, kathy
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