Family physicians argue they should be at the helm of the medical home model

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A white paper issued by the American Academy of Family Physicians urges the concept of medical homes as a solution to the looming primary care shortage, but argues that such practices should still be led by doctors. While the report focuses on making the case for physicians over nurse practitioners leading the way, Network faithful who are focused on children's mental health would be wise to read this report and pay attention to the dynamic tension of "who's in charge" that will be in full bloom as the nation moves to a medical home model. System of care alumni know this dynamic tension well and recognize the importance of all participants involved in planning for care learning how to talk it out, and oh yea, listen to the voices of families - the ultimate drivers of the process.

We at the Network see partnership challenges ahead as this model unfolds. We applaud the AAFP for putting their position forward clearly and succinctly. Others should follow suit. Best to be talkin' to each other now folks. Gonna save a world of hurt later...


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