Maryland launches Connector Program

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After more than a year of "talking" to Network faithful about the Navigator concept we are now beginning to see examples of how states are putting the concept into practice. The Maryland Health Benefit Exchange has just launched the Connector Program in Maryland to provide target populations with in-person education, eligibility and enrollment assistance.

A key point for us is the importance of making sure that families who have children with emotional and behavioral challenges are getting what they need. Take a look at a key paragraph from the announcement sent out by the Maryland Health Benefit Exchange:

This is why it is so important for family advocates to either assume the role of Navigator or get to know the Navigators who will be tasked with helping people with insurance decisions. The more they know about what works in children's mental health and what is and should be available the better!

Here is the full announcement. Be sure to check out the Connector Program website for more information about how Maryland is approaching this important task.


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