Make America Safe: 5 Ways to Transform Policing

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In the wake of Baton Rouge, Dallas, and St. Paul, our nation is once again in heated debate over what we do and do not want from law enforcement. The Republican National Convention opened with a parade of speakers vowing to "Make America Safe Again,” while President Obama has caucused with both law-enforcement and racial-justice advocates calling for reform. But if we are to truly make America safe, our discussion about different forms of policing must be informed by the same communities in which policing has become such a flashpoint. Rather than discredit those who feel marginalized, we need to provide platforms that empower communities to have meaningful input into how they are policed.

In this commentary in The Nation, Joint Center President Spencer Overton and Senior Fellow Kami Chavis detail five ways to make America safer by transforming policing. The five proposals are based on community insights gathered during a Joint Center/ Joyce Foundation/ Urban Institute research project focused on racial disparities, policing, and gun violence.


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