Louisiana Launches New System to Manage Behavioral Health Care Services

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Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals Secretary Bruce D. Greenstein and Magellan Health Services Chairman and CEO René Lerer, M.D., were joined by top state officials, health care providers, family representatives and behavioral health advocates today to launch the Louisiana Behavioral Health Partnership - the state's new system to transform and enhance behavioral health care across the state.

"There is no more fitting word than 'partnership' to describe what we begin here today," Secretary Greenstein said. "This effort brings together under a single umbrella the tremendous work of the four state agencies that serve children, countless nonprofit and local government organizations, behavioral health care providers, families and patient advocates along with the expertise of a nationally recognized company in Magellan to create an entirely new approach to serving people with behavioral health challenges.

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    They talk about this yet I have to see it take place. My 11yr old son is in brentwood hospital and is homicidal and still no one in the system wants to help a low income family on medicade. This system is for the rich man and the rich man alonne. We as poeple of louisiana need to stand up and say enough is enough. Help the poor man for once. This state even keeps the police and the sherrifes form doing any thing with a child that has serious behavioral issues. If there is any one out there that any sense the state doesn't care about our childrens mental health they only care about the adults in this state there are more facilities for adults than there are children. So isay this to you who read this artical and believe that this has changed you are blind and nieve.
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