Young people making a "green" difference in the world

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solIf you even had a hint of losing faith in the youth of America, then you need to come correct by checking out Sol Food Mobile Farm. This amazing approach to green living was created by a group of young people in Durham, North Carolina, who had a great idea in middle school that matured through high school into full fruition after graduation. The result is Sol Food Mobile Farm.

Sol Food Mobile Farm was created as an experiential, hands-on teaching program based around planting and harvesting garden vegetables. The kicker is that Sol Food Mobile Farm is mobile. Yep, after retrofitting a 72-passenger bus into a living, traveling garden, they set off on a nationwide tour in the summer of 2012 to inspire people about creating their own gardens. Oh yeah, the fueled the bus with vegetable oil... Of course! The bus has an on-board greenhouse, living green roof, solar panels, vermicomposting system, and rainwater collection tanks, as well as living quarters built from recycled materials. At each stop, they held workshops that focused on 5 major categories: gardening, nutrition, composting, outdoor living and alternative energies.

Network faithful, you have got to check out the great work these young people are doing. And heck, while you are at it, figure out how to bring them to your community to work with your youth. Better yet, support them with a donation!


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