Lifting Latinos Up By Their “Rootstraps”

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Be sure to download and read this excellent publication from the National Latino Fatherhood and Family Institute (NLFFI) - Lifting Latinos Up By Their “Rootstraps:” Moving Beyond Trauma Through A Healing‐Informed Framework for Latino Boys and Men. The report emphasizes the need to integrate La Cultura Cura, or cultural-based healing, in efforts to address gang involvement, teen pregnancy, school failure, and poverty within Latino and other communities of color. The Cultura Cura approach involves the restoration of cultural identity as the foundation of well-being for individuals, families, communities, and society through a multi-generational process of learning or remembering the positive values of one's "roots."

 "My work for the past thirty years has convinced me that for healing to occur in Latino communities affected by poverty, crime, and despair," said NLFFI founder Jerry Tello, "men and boys must be reminded to look to their cultural roots."


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