Thousands of kids with lead poisoning won't get help

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Here is a perfect example of why children's mental health advocates should be increasingly involving themselves with their public health counterparts, devising ways to more effectively work together on behalf of children and families.

In a recent USA Today article, it is pointed out that thousands of children with dangerous amounts of lead in their blood may not get the help they need because local health departments can't afford to monitor them. 

From the article:


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    The job of screening our children belongs in the Primary Care Clinic (Pediatrics or Family Practice). We screened at 12 months by policy in our Army clinics. Is the PH Dept saying they are concerned for children without health care plans (we all know "insurance" doesn't provide anything)? The problem exists, we know, because some parents can't afford scrrening tests that the "insurance plan" makes them pay a co-pay for. Many don't hear of, or can't afford transport to, "free" lead screening clinics. This is an example where US Healthcare POlicy falls far short of other countries. Sad.
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