KnKt'd Behavioral Health One of 10 Startups in 2016 Health Wildcatters Class

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DALLAS -- The 2016 Health Wildcatters accelerator class has been revealed, and among the 10 healthcare startups chosen is KnKt'd Behavioral Health.

Health Wildcatters is an accelerator that helps fund and mentor young healthcare startups, and accepts only 5 to 7 percent of the companies that apply. It is a leading healthcare accelerator program in the U.S. and is physician-led. Startups in the accelerator get access to a list of more than 100 high-level business mentors, one of the biggest healthcare markets in the U.S., untold amounts of potential follow-on investment and more collective wisdom than one could ever dream of.

KnKt'd Behavioral Health is an app that enables care providers to connect instantaneously with their client's wellness between appointments. They can track clients' health through questions and journals, and clients in need of help can test coping methods the app suggests or message their provider, effectively extending treatment out of the office, in-between appointments into people's everyday lives.

KnKt'd Co-Founder and CEO Matthew Holland is currently in Dallas, Texas, one of the biggest healthcare markets in the U.S., and will be there for the next 3 months. He will be bringing in team members periodically to immerse themselves in the culture, knowledge and many benefits awarded in this silver tier accelerator program.

From 100s of healthcare start-ups, Health Wildcatters whittled its list of applicants to the top 18. Then, with one quick pitch from each on a hot summer day, the final 10 of the 2016 class were chosen.

To participate, Holland left his family at home in Salem, Oregon. He'll be away from home for 3 months to grow his business and be co-locating his company time between the two states for the foreseeable future. Holland says, "We are super excited, jazzed and elated to be here and couldn't be more proud of the product and the whole team!"


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