Join in the "Stay Covered" challenge

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Join SAMHSA in the mission to develop innovative communications strategies to target individuals who experience high levels of involuntary breaks ("churn") in health insurance coverage. The “Stay Covered Challenge” calls for the development of a marketing/outreach campaign designed for use by providers and community-based organizations in targeting individuals in Medicaid due to disability. For example, competitors should consider developing marketing materials communicating the importance of maintaining eligibility by responding to communications from the Medicaid agency, and by communicating to the agency about housing changes or other changes of circumstance that might impact program eligibility. The materials submitted as a part of the challenge competition will be evaluated as to how useful they would be in (1) targeting individuals experiencing or at risk of churn; and (2) fostering the use of the materials by the full range of providers and community-based organizations serving Medicaid populations with behavioral health needs.

The “Churn Marketing Research Methodology Development Challenge” asks organizations to develop a research methodology on how to identify actionable marketing data on this group. The challenge will not involve the development of communications materials targeting these individuals. This challenge tasks researchers with developing a methodology for identifying the marketing communications profile of uninsured individuals who have been disenrolled from coverage affordability programs, but remain eligible for enrollment.


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