James Durbin is coming to the Youth Track at the Training Institutes

June 15, 2012

Hey, you know that the Training Institutes has an amazing specialized track for youth leaders, ages 13-22, who are ready to be empowered with the information and skills to change their community, state, and nation, right? Oh man, if you don’t, you need to check it out. This is a great opportunity to expand the knowledge and skills of the next generation of children’s mental health leaders. And goodness knows, we are going to need them! Share the information and share the love… Oh, and did we mention that James Durbin of American Idol fame will be a featured speaker? Ah man, you know you are coming to the Institutes now!

James Durbin lit the American Idol stage on fire with his powerful performances, and now the Season 10 alum is setting the music world aflame with his debut music video and album “Memories of a Beautiful Disaster.”  As a youth, James was diagnosed with both Tourette’s and Aspurger’s Syndromes.  Affected by these conditions and by his father’s death of a drug overdose, his talent has helped him overcome the obstacles that he faces day by day.  Overall, Memories of Beautiful Disaster is an audio document of Durbin’s life as he’s lived it.  “I am looking back on my life. Parts were disastrous, and there are some things I wished never happened. But I can look back and appreciate things that I once considered disasters as things of beauty. They make me who I am today. I’d never go back and change anything.”  With that attitude, and the fact that he set the table for his career thanks to American Idol, Durbin has all the necessary tools to fulfill his mission of bring back the rock! He is now ready to step on his own stage and is ready for his fans to stand with him.  Even though his talent has led him to where he is now, his challenges have also played a part, and he has become a role model for American youth with challenges of any kind.

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