4th Annual Conference on Stigma, Discrimination and Disparities in Children's Services!

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In homes all across America, young people are frantically trying to come up with an imaginary illness, because they can't bear another school-day filled with ridicule and torment. Mothers are crying themselves to sleep because they see that their child is in pain, but feel powerless to help. Friends and acquaintances are "looking the other way" because they can't stand the thought of being verbally and emotionally tortured themselves.        
This is your opportunity to take action to help to eradicate stigma, discrimination and disparities, as we know them! Please join us for the 4th Annual Children's Services Stigma & Disparities Conference February 13-15, 2015 in sunny San Diego!      
This is the only conference in our nation addressing stigma in children's services.  Your influence and partnership is paramount to our efforts in diminishing stigma, discrimination, and disparities against those courageous individuals who are living with a mental health challenge.
We call on you to join us and other committed individuals from across the nation, to be part of the dialogue around this crucial issue. We must unite  to develop actions and solutions so that children will no longer say it's dangerous to be different...

General Conference Information

What is the Purpose of the Conference?   
This conference's purpose is to share learning experiences on what Public Systems, Community Based Organizations, Schools, Researchers, Families, Youth, and each of US are doing to ensure equity in children's services. Together we can diminish stigma, discrimination and disparities for children, youth and families. Attendees will have the opportunity to share ideas and learn strategies from experts they can implement in their own communities.

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Who Should Attend?
Public Education Providers, Juvenile Justice Professionals, Social Service Agencies, Mental Health Professionals, Community Based Organizations, Child Welfare Workers, Counselors, Forster Care Providers, and all others who serve families & youth throughout the nation.

To connect with other concerned individuals from across the United States, in order to share perspectives, resources and build partnerships that will assist all of us in eliminating Stigma, Discrimination and Disparities as we know them!
Some of the many topics covered at this year's conference are as follows: 

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