It's all about the cheesecake

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CheescakeYou've got to hand it to  of the New Yorker for breaking down health care reform to it's simplest form - cheesecake. In an unabashed love affair with the Cheesecake Factory restaurant chain, Gawande compares the restaurants amazing ability to combine quality control, cost control and innovation to produce perfect products that are driven by customer feedback. Lessons for us here? Think about it folks.

Here is a "slice" of the story to whet your appetite (pun intended):

"The chain serves more than eighty million people per year. I pictured semi-frozen bags of beet salad shipped from Mexico, buckets of precooked pasta and production-line hummus, fish from a box. And yet nothing smacked of mass production. My beets were crisp and fresh, the hummus creamy, the salmon like butter in my mouth. No doubt everything we ordered was sweeter, fattier, and bigger than it had to be. But the Cheesecake Factory knows its customers. The whole table was happy (with the possible exception of Ethan, aged sixteen, who picked the onions out of his Hawaiian pizza)."

Read the full article here.


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    Love this article! It makes the questions so clear and obvious. These SHOULD be the kind of expectations we have for health care.
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