Introducing a New Series of Health Reform Videos

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The Commonwealth Fund, one of the Network's favorites, is at it again with the announcement of an excellent new series of health reform videos.

These videos are designed to increase the understanding of some of the most important changes happening in the U.S. health care system. As the reforms in the Affordable Care Act start to roll out, each video will feature a Commonwealth Fund expert explaining a facet of health reform, and how it will impact Americans.

In the first video, Melinda Abrams, vice president for the Fund's Patient-Centered Coordinated Care Program, explains how primary care doctors' visits are changing. Abrams outlines the problems many people have getting care, such as trouble making appointments after regular office hours, and shows how medical homes—a way of delivering primary care that is supported by the Affordable Care Act—are improving access to high-quality care while lowering costs.

Great information. Check out the Commonwealth Fund website here.

Upcoming videos in the series will explore improving care for vulnerable populations, U.S. health spending, coverage expansion, and more.


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