AHRQ releases resources to improve the integration of behavioral health and primary care

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Two new resources to help reduce fragmentation of care through integration are available from the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ). The first, A Guidebook of Professional Practices for Behavioral Health and Primary Care Integration: Observations from Exemplary Sites, identifies key professional practices among exemplary integrated primary care organizations developed to help practices integrate behavioral health care more effectively. Organizations can use this guidebook to work toward a level of integrated care seen in some of the best primary care organizations in the country. The second, Provider- and Practice-Level Competencies for Integrated Behavioral Health in Primary Care: A Literature Review, is a comprehensive set of competencies that practices, providers, and staff can use to advance integration efforts.

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    walt stawicki
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    this is just a start, for to be truly at PARITY, to be true to reality and not an inherited philosophical happenstance, we must stop talking of Serious Mental Disease as "behavioral. It must be fully integrated into physical medicine just as alzheimers is.yes, this is good, a good start.
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    Sue Ellen Burts
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    About time. Will make for consistent, better quality health care and further the practice. And, follow through is what makes the team in healthcare, with fluid communication esessential, work. Good team leads, and all team feedback for quality control and knowledge acquisition that they need and want improvement on in each layer of team. Weekly meetings with team chosen representation. Adjusting meetings out in time as quality is obtained in care. At least, that is what I found being a part of establishing and opening a VETERANS home in my career. Patient advocates we are always to be. Glad to see that school of thought entering the system again. It works.
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