Implementing Best Start LA shows signs of promise

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Looking for a good blueprint to follow when designing a community-based initiative? Then look no further than Best Start LA - A place-based investment designed to improve the well-being, development and care experienced by children ages five and under. The initiative has gained momentum, now in its third year, and could eventually serve as a model for all of LA county. Community investment is the wave of the future folks, so the more you can learn about how others are doing it the better. And the birth to five crowd will love this one!

Download the report which has an interesting focus on "collaborative partner" grants. An interesting footnote is that they have actually deemphasized systems-level work to focus on more promising Welcome Baby! and community strategies. Gotta love the fact that they are focused on what works, not what someone says should work. Get the report here.

Also be sure to check out the companion report which focuses on insights from parents, home visitors, and community stakeholders about the progress with this initiative. Download the report here.


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