Hogg Foundation for Mental Health invites RFPs for Texas mental health policy projects

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Hey Texas Network faithful, time to get out your number 2 pencils and get to writin'. The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health has released a request for proposals for the Texas Mental Health Policy Projects Initiative. The grant program seeks proposals for projects with state, regional, or local significance that have the potential to positively influence mental health policies in Texas. Proposals may focus on any aspect of mental health policy. Examples include legal issues, access to care, quality of care, protection of rights, service delivery, and financing. In addition, proposals may address issues pertaining to children, youth, adults, older people, or all ages; and/or the mental health needs of individuals with dual diagnoses of mental illness and substance use disorder, or mental illness and developmental or physical disabilities. Proposals related to developmental disability, physical disability, or substance use without a mental health component will not be considered.


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