Higher education opportunity for those with schizophrenia, related schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, or bipolar disorder

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Network faithful - a cool opportunity for those among us with schizophrenia, related schizophrenia-spectrum disorders, or bipolar disorder for pursuing higher education from high school equivalency certificates to graduate school. The deadline for applying is January 31, 2013. Here are the details:

To be eligible for consideration for the Lilly Reintegration Scholarship, applicants must:

Educational Opportunities
The Lilly Reintegration Scholarship program is designed to offer financial assistance for a wide range of educational opportunities in which students work to attain a certificate or degree from an accredited institution.

Eligible programs include:

◦Please note that noncredit, online, home study, and distance learning courses are not covered under the scholarship. Also, the scholarship is only available to U.S. citizens who plan to attend classes within the United States.


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